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No Excuses.

Over the past nine months, I’ve adopted a “no excuses” philosophy in both my personal and professional life. Since doing so, the quality of my life has improved dramatically.

Let me explain what I mean by “no excuses” philosophy:
1. Never look for reasons why you can’t (or didn’t) do something
2. Always be solution oriented
3. Never play the blame game
4. Take ownership and control of every aspect of your life
My personal life has been quite hectic as of late. I’ve dealt with doctors, realtors, bankers, contractors, interior decorators, and movers. In my initial interactions with the above parties, I shared my “no excuses” philosophy to set the tone for the relationship. Not surprisingly, some showed reluctance to work within the guidelines – and we decided not to work together. The ones who were up for the challenge delivered at or above my expectations.  Lesson Learned: “no excuses” improved my ability to pick the right business partners.
My business colleagues and teams have embraced “no excuses” as well (To be honest, they didn’t have much of a choice). I’ve observed a huge change in behavior – and find people are spending time looking for solutions, NOT wasting time blaming others. Lesson Learned: “no excuses” is infectious and only takes one person to get the ball rolling.
Lastly “no excuses” has helped me prioritize and focus on what is most important in my life. I’m not going to make a commitment unless I’m 110% dedicated to the desired outcome. I’m taking on initiatives that are HARDER and RISKIER – but have 110% conviction that I won’t fail.
“No excuses” is very empowering. Try it and see for yourself.
Michael Stankus
Mike has been leading sales organizations for thirty + years and is currently a Senior Vice President at Acquia which is the 8th fastest growing private software company on the Inc. 500. Since joining in Acquia in 2011, Mike has built and led the inside sales, BDR, account management, and sales operations groups worldwide. The Linking Sales Leaders program was created by Mike in 2008. Since it’s inception, hundreds of sales leaders have completed the program and continue to leverage the concepts, content, and tools. Mike is frequent speaker at CRO events and manages the Linking Sales Leaders group on LinkedIn which has 14,000+ members.

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Tom Murdock
Tom Murdock

This also requires the discipline to say ‘no’ to cool side-projects and place bets carefully — another important skill to develop. Mike – it would be great to read a follow up post from you on how you screen and interview candidates to ensure they live by this philosophy.